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Posted by on Oct 21, 2014 in Road Trip Archive | 0 comments

Visiting Rainbow Falls

Bridge approaching Rainbow Falls at Trough Creek State Park, Huntingdon County, PA.

I made a quick trip to Huntindon County last week to check out the fall foliage surrounding Rainbow Falls at Trough Creek State Park.

Trough Creek State Park is a scenic gorge formed by the Great Trough Creek as it cuts through Terrace Mountain, before emptying into nearby Raystown Lake.

Rainbow Falls are located a short hike from the Abbot Run trailhead. Ample parking and signage along Trough Creek Drive inside the park (see map) directs you to the trail and the falls.

A fairly narrow suspension bridge (see photo below) carries you over the Great Trough Creek and by making a right on the far side of the bridge you simply continue on down the Abbot Run Trail for approx. 1/4 mile, until you come to the bridge over Abbot Run and Rainbow Falls themselves.

These falls are at their peak after the spring thaw and right after a heavy downpour. At other times, in the summer especially, they can be little more than a trickle. On my most recent visit last week there was decent flow, but certainly not peak. However, the surrounding rock formations (Copperas Rock, Balanced Rock, and Ravens Rock in particular), the foliage, and the gorge itself make this a worthwhile visit any time of year.

Suspension bridge over the Great Trough Creek, Trough Creek State Park, Huntingdon County, PA.
Fall foliage around Rainbow Falls, Trough Creek State Park, HUntingdon County, PA
Upstream from Rainbow Falls along Abbot Run, Trough Creek State Park, Huntingdon County, PA



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