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Posted by on Jan 26, 2015 in Road Trip Archive | 0 comments

Visiting Ohiopyle State Park and Fallingwater

Cucumber Falls, Ohiopyle State Park, January 2015.

This past Friday morning I decided to hit a few spots in Fayette County for some frozen waterfall action. My usual route along Sugarloaf Road from Confluence to Ohiopyle took me past the Baughman Rock Overlook, so I decided to make an impromptu stop there to watch the sunrise.


Baughman Rock Sunrise, Ohiopyle State Park.

As the sun crept into view over the mountains to the east, the snow-covered trees immediately below me glistened like millions of tiny diamonds. Despite some numb fingers, I was glad I made the stop to witness the dawn of another day. I then continued down the road the short distance to Cucumber Falls.

Cucumber Falls, Ohiopyle State Park. Photographed 1.23.2015.

As I expected on a frigid Friday morning, the parking area was deserted. I made my way carefully down the icy stairway and over the equally-slick rocks to the base of the falls.

There I set up shop and worked the scene from a few different angles, trying to capture the huge ice formations and partial flow of the falls at their best.

Having gotten my fill of Cucumber Falls, I made my way back to the car and headed for Ohiopyle Falls.


Ohiopyle Falls, Ohiopyle State Park, photographed 1.23.2015.

I parked on the west side of the Yough River in the Ferncliff parking area and made my way down the riverbank to my favorite vantage point - directly across from the main viewing area and the Visitors Center.

At this early hour of the morning the sunlight hits the falls almost directly, so compensating for the "hot spots" on the water makes getting a detailed photo challenging. Nevertheless I got some images I was quite happy with, including the one above.

As it was now approaching 10:00 am I made my way back to the car and headed up Route 381 the short distance to Fallingwater, hoping to be one of the first people through the gates.

Fallingwater, Fayette County, PA. Photographed 1.23.2015.

As it turned out I was the only early bird at Fallingwater. In fact, I didn't see another person on the grounds the entire hour I was there.

I had just been there a few weeks earlier, so this time I concentrated on the one shot I really wanted to get, the iconic image of both waterfalls below the house. For my purposes the conditions were almost perfect - a little snow, some ice on the falls, good water flow, and blue skies.

Once I had captured all the images I wanted from Fallingwater, I headed back east to Somerset County to photograph a few covered bridges, which you can read about in a separate post.

All in all, a magnificent morning in Fayette County.

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