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Posted by on Mar 7, 2015 in Road Trip Archive | 0 comments

Visiting Yost Run Falls 3.7.2015

Yost Run Falls selfie, 3.7.2015.

With a bit of cabin fever setting in and the promise of warmer temps, I decided to head up to the Sproul State Forest in northern Centre County this morning to check out Yost Run Falls and nearby Kyler Fork Falls.

The air temp when I arrived at the parking area around 11:00 am was 28 degrees. As I feared, very little thaw had taken place there yet, and the hike in was not at all an easy one. I was greeted by knee-deep snow, topped with a crust of ice. The kind of hike where you have to work for every step. What normally would take me 35 minutes took a good hour til I was standing in front of Yost Run Falls.

Frozen Yost Run Falls, Sproul State Forest, Centre County. 3.7.2015.

Yost Run Falls was frozen solid. I could hear the faint sound of water behind the wall of ice, but no running water was visible until I got downstream from the falls a bit.

Yost Run, Sproul State Forest, Centre County, 3.7.2015.

I made my way across Yost Run onto the Kyler Fork Trail, then hiked the short but strenuous distance to Kyler Fork Falls.

Kyler Fork Trail, Sproul State Forest, Centre County, 3.7.2015.

Kyler Fork Falls was also frozen solid, again with the faint sound of running water behind it. 

I snapped a few frames there, and then made the hour or so hike back to the parking area.

Kyler Fork Falls, Sproul State Forest, Centre County. 3.7.2015.

Taking the optimistic view, I have to look at all this snow and ice as frozen potential, with the promise of a great spring of shooting actual waterfalls. Like most of you, I've had my fill of winter and am eager to put this one in the books and move on to warmer weather.

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