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Posted by on Mar 17, 2015 in Road Trip Archive | 0 comments

Yost, Kyler Fork, Rosecrans, and McElhattan Falls 3.16.2015

Steve Rubano and Rusty Glessner at Rosecrans Falls.

As the spring thaw enters it's second week here in central PA, my friend Steve Rubano and I decided to hit the road and check out a few of our local waterfalls on Monday morning.

Our first stop was Yost Run Falls in the Sproul State Forest, northern Centre County. If you've never been there before, I did an extensive write-up with driving directions/maps/GPS coordinates which you can check out HERE.

Yost Run Falls, Sproul State Forest, Centre County, PA.

The hike in was easier than we expected, given that there is still a foot of snow on the ground in the woods there. Fortunately, the camp access road that comprises 3/4 of the hike was packed down by recent snowmobile traffic, making for good footing. The last 1/4 mile or so is a narrow footpath along the banks of Yost Run, but even that wasn't too bad.

Steve Rubano at Yost Run Falls

Yost Run Falls was about 90% ice-free and flowing well. We spent a good 45 minutes there shooting it from many different angles. Then we made our way downstream about a hundred yards and across to Kyler Fork Falls, along a tributary to Yost Run.

Kyler Fork Falls, Sproul State Forest, Centre County, PA. 3.16.2015.

This one was a different story - although water was moving well on the stream, Kyler Fork Falls themselves were still mostly shrouded in ice. Another week or so and this one should be looking great as well.

Making our way back up the Chuck Keiper Trail to our vehicle, we then headed back to Snow Shoe for a pit stop at our favorite truck stop.  Hopped up on grease and caffeine, we then made our way east on Route 80 to Loganton and the pair of waterfalls below the McElhattan Reservoir. Collectively these are sometimes referred to as the Twin Falls, or individually as Rosecrans Falls and McElhattan Falls.

Rosecrans Falls, Clinton County, PA.

The hike in to these was MUCH easier than Yost/Kyler Fork Falls. Flat and maybe 6 minutes in duration. If you are unfamiliar with Rosecrans/McElhattan Falls I previously did a write up with directions HERE.

I started on Rosecrans Falls (above), Steve started with McElhattan Falls (below), and then we switched after a half hour or so.

McElhattan Falls, Clinton County, PA. 3.16.2015.

The water levels were outstanding at both falls, maybe even a little too high on McElhattan Falls. I had to shoot at higher shutter speeds than I normally do to avoid blowing out the details/highlights. But after looking at blobs of ice for the last few months, the surging waters were a welcome site.

After an hour or so, we packed it in and headed back to State College, another good one in the books.

You can check out some of the video I shot from the trip below.

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