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Posted by on Mar 28, 2015 in Road Trip Archive | 1 comment

Spring Thaw at Yost Run Falls and Kyler Fork Falls

Yost Run Falls side view.

The spring thaw continues SLOWLY in northern Centre County, as evidenced by my visit to Yost Run Falls and Kyler Fork Falls in the Sproul State Forest yesterday morning.

As I pulled into the parking area, steady snow flurries let me know that Old Man Winter was not quite ready to pack his bags just yet. Still, conditions were better than when I had visited a little over a week earlier. The snowpack on the trail was down to about 6-8 inches in most places, making the hike in relatively easy.

Yost Run Falls front view.

Yost Run Falls was flowing at near ideal conditions. Crisp, clear water cascaded down the entire face of the falls, but not so briskly that it was a foamy white mess. And even though I've photographed this waterfall dozens of time, I still spent a half hour or so here just because it's so darn photogenic.

Yost Run Falls vertical composition.
Yost Run Falls downstream view.

Heading downstream and across Yost Run onto the Kyler Fork Trail, I approached Kyler Fork Falls with cautious optimism. When I had visited earlier in the month, it was still frozen over. On this day though I would be rewarded with a fantastic view as I approached from downstream. Several tiers of small cascades in the foreground gave way to the falls themselves, flowing in all their unobstructed glory after being rid of several blowdowns that blocked them last year.

Kyler Fork Falls front view.

I spent close to an hour here shooting from downstream, up-close, and off to the right side. Satisfied with my handiwork, I made my way back up the Chuck Keiper Trail, past Yost Run falls again, to the parking area and then on home.

Kyler Fork Falls side view.
Kyler Fork Falls vertical composition

You can enjoy a minute or so of the sights and sounds from the trip via the video link below.

1 Comment

  1. Your waterfall pictures are wonderful. If you’d like some quiet company, I would love to explore the waterfalls of NW Pa this spring. I visited Rickett’s Glenn last June. We had a great time.

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