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Posted by on Apr 21, 2015 in Road Trip Archive | 0 comments

Waterfalling in the McIntyre Wild Area 4.20.2015

Hounds Run splash dam selfie

I spent an overcast Monday morning and early afternoon hiking along Miners Run and Hounds Run in the McIntyre Wild Area, Loyalsock State Forest, Lycoming County yesterday.  The steady rainfall the night before had me hoping for great waterfall conditions, and I was not disappointed.

I started out at the Miners Run parking area, a small pull-off next to the bridge along Rock Run Road where Miners Run passes under the road before emptying into Rock Run (see map below).

Miners Run Falls Parking Area

GPS coordinates:

N41° 30.956'

W76° 55.006'

Miners Run Falls #1.

The first falls on Miners Run are only a few yards from the parking area, and I could tell immediately this was going to be a great day as water cascaded down the entire face of this one.

There are no official trails along Miners Run, so making my way up the stream bed itself a few hundred yards brought me to the second falls. (I gave exact GPS coordinates for all the falls along Miners Run in an earlier post you can read HERE).

Miners Run Falls #2

I spent only a few minutes shooting the second falls, as they aren't nearly as impressive as what I knew lie upstream.

Continuing my way up the gorge, I came to the third falls, running as high as I've ever seen them.

Approaching Miners Run Falls #3.

This one looked fantastic on approach (above) and up close (below).

Miners Run Falls #3.

Bailing up out of the stream bed onto the right bank, I passed up the smallish fourth falls and the Balanced Rock (which you can see in the older post I referenced earlier) and instead headed straight for the fifth falls.

Miners Run Falls #5 - upper and lower tiers.

This two-tiered beauty rivals anything in the state when it is flowing like it was yesterday. I shot it from above, then picked my way down for a closer shot of the upper tier (there was simply too much spray coming off to make a close-up of the lower tier practical).

Miners Run Falls #5 - upper tier.

Just above the fifth fall I reached the end of my journey up Miners Run at waterfall #6. This small one makes a nice spot to loop back down the rim of the gorge to the parking area, which is exactly what I did.

Miners Run Falls #6.

From the Miners Run parking area I proceeded up Rock Run Road another 7-8 minutes to the next bridge, which is where Hounds Run passes underneath Rock Run Road.


Hounds Run Falls Parking Area

GPS Coordinates

N 41° 32.016

W 76° 53.654



Hounds Run Splash Dam.

The hike to Hounds Run Falls takes maybe 20-25 minutes. Again, there is no trail so you just pick your way up the stream bed/banks. Just before the falls come into view you will encounter an old splash dam. This is not Hounds Run Falls! Keep going and just a few minutes upstream the mighty Hounds Run Falls will come into view.

Approaching Hounds Run Falls.

Hounds Run Falls was a raging torrent yesterday, best I've ever seen it personally.  Spent about 45 minutes here shooting still photos and video, which you can view at the bottom of this post.

Hounds Run Falls.

Hounds Run Falls

GPS coordinates

N 41° 32.237

W 76° 53.889

I thoroughly enjoyed my day in the McIntyre Wild Area, and I barely made a dent in the number of cool things there are to see/do there. Take a moment to check out the video footage I shot yesterday, and at some point get yourself there to see it in person!




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