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Posted by on Feb 7, 2017 in 2017 Weekly Recaps | 2 comments

Rusty’s Weekly Recap 2.7.2017

Hailee and Rusty at Ohiopyle Falls, Ohiopyle State Park.

New for 2017, this weekly recap highlights some of the photography-related road trips I took and projects I worked on the prior week.

As always, click on the photos and/or videos to view in full screen mode.

I stayed closer to home this past week, making a few road trips in Centre and neighboring Clinton counties, before spending the weekend in Somerset and Fayette counties.

Wednesday found me at Rosecrans Falls in the Bald Eagle State Forest, Clinton County. This waterfall typically gets some interesting ice formations built up around it during the winter months, so I was curious as to what the present situation was there.

Rosecrans Falls, Bald Eagle State Forest, Clinton County, PA - February 2017

There was surprisingly little ice, but great water flow at Rosecrans on that day. When I got home I decided to render a few of the shots in black and white, to emphasize that flow.

Rosecrans Falls (black and white), Bald Eagle State Forest, Clinton County, PA - February 2017

Pleased with the amount of water flowing at Rosecrans on Wednesday, I decided to take a trip on Thursday to the Sproul State Forest in northern Centre County. There I blazed a trail through 6-8 inches of undisturbed snow along the Chuck Keiper Trail to reach Yost Run Falls.

Yost Run Falls, Sproul State Forest, Centre County, PA - February 2017

Just a few hundred yards downstream from Yost Run Falls, I stopped and photographed Kyler Fork Falls, where that tributary stream spills into Yost Run.

Kyler Fork Falls, Sproul State Forest, Centre County,PA - February 2017

Friday was a travel day for me, so that I could take my daughter to Winterfest at Ohiopyle State Park in Fayette county on Saturday.

I got up early Saturday morning, and while my daughter slept at her grandparent's house, I made a quick trip to the Pack Saddle Bridge in Somerset County to check on ice conditions there. The falls beneath the bridge were partially frozen, and it was quite a magnificent scene there as the dawn unfolded.

Pack Saddle Bridge, Somerset County, PA - February 2017.

I made my way back from the Pack Saddle Bridge to pick up my daughter and set out for Fayette County and Ohiopyle State Park.

As we passed through Confluence on the Somerset/Fayette county line we were a little concerned due to the total lack of snow there. However, by the time we reached the sledding area at Ohiopyle at a much-higher elevation along Sugarloaf Road, our fears were put at ease. Snow was everywhere!

Sled riding at Ohiopyle State Park Winterfest 2017.

My daughter took close to 2 dozen runs down the hill, and then we got hot chocolate and watched some of the more adventurous adults take their turns along side the hundreds of kids on their sleds/tubes.

Sleigh riding at Ohiopyle State Park Winterfest 2017.

After finishing up our hot chocolate, it was time for a sleigh ride. Neither of us had ever been on a sleigh before, and the horse owners were quite informative as they told us about the Percherons they were using and their farm while we waited our turn.

View from the sleigh at Ohiopyle State Park Winterfest 2017.

The sleigh ride itself was very smooth and a lot of fun. Hailee was happy that she got to pet the horses after our ride.

Looking out over Baughman's Rock Vista, Ohiopyle State Park - February 2017

Having had our fill of sled and sleigh riding, we decided to head down the mountain into the town of Ohiopyle itself, stopping off at the Baughman's Rock Vista along the way.

Taking in the scene at Cucumber Falls, Ohiopyle State Park - February 2017.

We first stopped off at Cucumber Falls, and I was surprised to find we were the only folks there on a Saturday afternoon. Hailee had seen this one from above before, but never got down close like we did on this day.

Hailee at Cucumber Falls, Ohiopyle State Park - February 2017

After 30 minutes or so at Cucumber Falls, we headed back into town to hike down the Ferncliff Trail to the Ohiopyle Falls overlook. Another first for Hailee - she had previously only seen the falls from the viewing stands across the Yough, next to the Visitors Center.

Ohiopyle Falls, Ohiopyle State Park - February 2017

I always prefer this view of the falls to any other, and it was exceptionally good on this February afternoon.

Kings Covered Bridge in Somerset County, PA  - February 2017

By now the afternoon was getting late, so we called it a day at Ohiopyle and headed back towards Somerset County, stopping along Route 653 to take a few quick photos at Kings Covered Bridge.

All in all, another great week of photographic adventures.  This coming week I'll be headed to New York state  for some waterfall adventures, so be sure to check back for those images and stories.


  1. Your pictures are great. You should plan a workshop. I would love to know where all these spots are.

    • Thanks Jonna. I plan on offering guided hikes/workshops for photographers and non-photographers alike this year. Details forthcoming beginning of March.

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