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Self-portrait at Yost Run Falls, Sproul State Forest, Centre County, PA - February 22, 2017

Odds are if you've landed on this page you're a fan of my work and may be interested in knowing if I can teach you to achieve similar results.

The answer is yes

Or you may simply be looking for a hiking guide to take you to some of the places you've seen in my photographs.

I can do that too!

I offer one-on-one photography workshops at an extremely competitive rate of $150/day (up to an 8 hour day).

I offer guided hikes (no photography instruction) at a rate of $100/day (up to an 8 hour day).

In either case I let you choose the date and location.

Want to shoot at Ricketts Glen on a Tuesday or Ohiopyle State Park on a Thursday?

No problem!

Want to hike the Sproul State Forest or visit the Quehanna Wild Area with someone extremely familiar with the area?

I'm your guy!

Of course I'm happy to offer suggestions based on your individual goals, skill level, physical abilities, and geographic location, so that together we can create a fun and educational experience and/or hike for you tailored to your unique interests and needs.



Self-portrait at Dutchman Falls, Loyalsock State Forest - 1.4.2017

Photo Workshops

I'm probably most well-known for my waterfall photography, and if that is what you are most interested in learning about, I can help you with that!

I will instruct you on the best camera settings, gear choices, and techniques to help you achieve results similar to mine.

We'll also discuss composition, framing, and experiment with different perspectives.

Depending on the location you choose and your comfort level with post-processing/editing, I'll let you decide how much of your day you want to spend shooting and how much (if any) you want to spend editing.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please contact me today to discuss your ideas.

Together we can create a unique workshop just for you!

You can reach me on my cell phone at 814-404-2991.

Or via email:

Either way I look forward to hearing from you.


Make 2017 the year you take your photography to the next level!

Guided Hikes

If you'd love to explore some of the remote regions of Pennsylvania that I visit, but are uncomfortable hiking alone, I'm happy to be your guide.

Even experienced hikers can benefit from hiking a new location with someone much more familiar with the area. Sometimes the best vistas and points of interest don't show up on any maps. And in many cases road signs/trail markers may be missing or out of date.

Hiking with me is cheap insurance against getting lost!

Some of the areas I'd love to show you include:

  • Ohiopyle State Park
  • Forbes State Forest
  • Elk State Forest
  • Sproul State Forest
  • Moshannon State Forest
  • Bald Eagle State Forest
  • Loyalsock State Forest

And the list goes on.

Basically if you've seen a photograph on my Facebook/Instagram/website

I can guide you there, assuming you are up for the physical challenges of the hike.

Reach out to me by phone or email, and we can discuss your locations of interest, and assess if that is a good match for your physical abilities.

By phone: 814-404-2991

By email:


Make 2017 the year you visit the sights you've always wanted to see!