5 thoughts on “Chasing Waterfalls in the Pine Creek Gorge 6.28.2015”

    1. Not particularly, although you do have to make a few back and forth wet crossings as you hike downstream. Eventually you will come to a massively tall waterfall that even I would not attempt to get past, so at that point you’ll turn around and hike back upstream to your vehicle.

  1. I hiked down Bear Run & I made it to the bottom of the “massively tall waterfall “,on Saturday November 3rd. . It was kinda scary ,seeing that I’m afraid of heights. It is two tiers. It’s about 25 feet from the base of the upper fall to the drop at the lower tier.VERY BEAUTIFUL FALLS!!! I assure you that I will NOT repeat that one. BTW , I’m 67 years old.

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