4 thoughts on “Visiting Meeker Run in the Quehanna Wild Area”

  1. Thanks for putting this up. My husband and I started hiking last summer 2015 and have tried a few trails in the Quehanna Wild Area. I saw your post so decided to try out this area. We didn’t go down the banks but stayed on the trail. I would like to do this again in the colder months so we can see the falls. Your picture of the hemlocks looks just like one I took.

  2. A friend and I decided we wanted to do a hike in the Driftwood, PA area. We searched the Quehanna area and found your post, with pictures and specific instructions. Thank you! They were very helpful and we were reassured we were on the right trail. It was a nice area. We found the mailbox and the notebook at the trail junctions to be an interesting touch. We did not see another person on our hike, which surprised us. We really enjoyed your post and directions. Thank you again for being so detailed.

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