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  1. Rusty, i work with Commonwealth Media Services, the State’s Video/Photo department. We’re looking to shoot some frozen falls. Is #5 accessible with video camera trpod and rail system for a moving affect? I know those are loose parameters, but maybe we should come down from top?? Thanks for the help.

    • Everything I shoot is with a camera on a tripod (although perhaps not as stout as a video tripod), so getting down there with that kind of gear is certainly doable. Although in the winter that descent is pretty tricky, so I guess it depends on your hiking abilities and comfort zone with that kind of excursion. At a minimum you’d want to use microspikes and a trekking pole to aid in balancing yourself. I will tell you that the lower tier of that waterfall had a big blowdown across it the last time I was there in the fall, so I’m not sure how photogenic that part of it would be. But the upper tier looked the same as it does in this blog post, as did all the other falls along Miners Run. Hope that helps.

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