9 thoughts on “Visiting Round Island Run Falls”

  1. Thanks Rusty. Wounder how you initially found this and how many other ‘remote’ falls there are that have yet to discovered.

  2. I am a “local” and I have just discovered the falls. When you descend the trail to the falls you are in awe of the beauty and remoteness this beautiful place. I have been there in the spring and fall and I can’t wait to see it in the winter!
    I have taken my mother who is 72 and my 7 year old grandson to Round Island and they had no problem navigating the trail. It is a great way to spend a day out on an adventure with family and friends.

  3. I went yesterday.. Tried hard to find the falls. Went to a camping area.. my mobile internet was not working. Asked a local guy who came nearby for camping. He told that he lives in that area for very long time but never heard about any of such falls. Came back with alas !! But the view was such amazing to and fro I looked around. Will wait to visit once more.

    1. I assure you the falls exist! As far as navigating to the parking area, try downloading the full route before you enter the wild area, because there is generally no data/phone connection once you get into it. From the parking area though, simply walk the powerline for 15 minutes until you hit the trail, then bear right and it takes you right to the falls.

  4. very nice pics Rusty . I have fished upper Jerry Run a few times , not far from here , as well as the entire Red Run /Mix Run valley out to the mouth . Have you ever been
    over to Paige Run and Table Falls ? There are some nice pools and small waterfalls up stream from the falls , all hold some nice native brookies . I will have to check out Round Island Run this year then , take care

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