I create photos for my real estate clients that help get homes sold for top dollar in a timely fashion.

Should you have need of such services, contact me today. I offer top-notch work with quick turnaround times and very reasonable rates.

I offer a $200 complete inside and out photo package for new and existing homes, with edited photos available the next day in whatever size and file format you specify.

1 thought on “Real Estate Photography”

  1. Weddings are one thing I don’t do. The reason those photographers are expensive (the good ones anyway) is that they have redundant equipment in case anything breaks the day of wedding, usually at least one paid assistant, and the experience/patience to get all the shots people expect of a wedding photographer. It’s really a high pressure specialty. With portraits, real estate photography, and some of the other things I shoot do-overs are not a problem. With a wedding, it’s get it right at that moment or you’ve got big problems. So while I thank you for contacting me, I have to decline.

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